Summer is here! I’m elated and thrilled and way too charged up for my own good. Yipppeeeeee! But with good hot fun also comes lots of lessons learned. The last three years of being a mom – two toddlers under my belt – have taught me many things.


Thought I’d pass along my personally-learned summer tips for parents to you:

1) Don’t skimp on sunscreen. (Duh). But, I used to roll my eyes at those kids running around the beach with caked-on white sludge on their faces in the name of sun safety. Please. The sun isn’t THAT dangerous. Except when you see your 1-year-old’s tiny face all red, and she feels like she has a fever and is crying because her skin is so hot later that day. Slather on the sunscreen 30 minutes before and during sun-time.

2) Force your children to use the potty before beach and pool time, even if they fight you kicking and screaming and insist that they do not have to go. Insist back that “It’s the rule.” You do NOT want one of these situations.

3) Dress babies in two-piece swimsuits. Much easier to change a diaper that way… especially if the swimsuit is wet and you’ve got sand flying in your face.

4) Take a plastic bag with you. For dirty diapers in outdoor public places, wet swimsuits or sandy beach toys.

5) Freeze that water bottle and toss into your car for the drive home. Cold water after a long hot day is always appreciated (I used to take extra bottles filled with water when my girls were babies…).

6) Take two pairs of shoes (per toddler) if you’re going to an active outdoor place (the beach, pier, etc). My older gal is famous for spontaneously complaining that her most comfortable shoes (that she lives in everywhere) suddenly “hurt.” Try being at the beach on the hot sand/sidewalk with a whining toddler who refuses to put her shoes on. F-U-N.

7) Even though it’s summer, take a sweater or jacket. Some places sometimes turn the air conditioner on way too high… like restaurants, movie theaters and shopping centers.


8) Carry a small water mister. (Trust me, I know how high maintenance this sounds… not my style at all). But soaring temps can get dangerous for babies, so why not cool them down quickly with a spritz of a small mister while they sit in their stroller.

9) Throw Band-Aids in your purse. I NEVER carry Band-Aids with me, but freakish things happen to kids when they’re outside running around in public places that have absolutely no First-Aid readily accessible.

10) Take that stroller (or carrier) WITH you. Too many times last year, I made the mistake of leaving my double stroller at home on account that my big girl (then almost 3) would want to walk. Wrong. The heat makes little bodies more tired than expected sometimes, and my I-always-want-to-walk girl tended to poop out and want to sit in a stroller on the most short walks and easy outings.

What are your favorite summer tips for safe and easy fun? 


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