Unlike many areas of the country right now, the weather is gorgeous in the sunny deserts of Arizona! This time of year is usually the perfect temperatures for enjoying time outside! So, with three little guys under the age of 6, we like to do a lot of walks! We are very lucky to have a wash that runs near our house with some great paved paths. So, since our walks probably look different than most people’s right now, I thought I’d take you along for a little stroll through the desert! 😉Stroller Adventures in the DesertSince we’re on baby #3, we actually have acquired quite a diversity of strollers. However, the one we’re using most often lately is the Joovy Cocoon. It’s similar to this Baby Jogger Pod. I love that it can be whatever I need–regular stroller, jogger, or bicycle trailer! And, the boys think being inside the cocoon/pod is super fun!

One thing I love about going for strolls along our desert wash path is that we can turn it in to a little bit of a nature walk. We are always on the look out for animals; we talk about the different plants; and like to listen for different sounds. Thankfully, on our many strolls, we’ve never crossed paths with a rattlesnake (though we have once while hiking). But, we do see some sort of wildlife every single time we’re out. The usual suspects are quail, hummingbirds, lizards, and rabbits. Desert Lizard

Desert Rabbit

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.55.09 PM

Fun, huh?! We love doing a wildlife count when we go! As a former biology teacher, I love being able to have little educational moments out in nature like this. Another fun part of our adventures this time of year is seeing all the blooming cactus. And, where there are blooming cactus, there are lots of bees! Big Brother likes for me to try to take pictures of them…the bees, that is! So, we’ve had good discussions about the importance of bees on our walks too! 🙂

Night-blooming cactus

Cactus flower & bee

And, as you can also see, I also love taking my good camera with me when we go for walks. It’s a great time to practice my photography! The boys love looking at the pictures of all the things we see on our walks!

I know when many people think of the desert all they picture is brown sand. But, as you can see, it can indeed be quite pretty! So, we love seeking out all the beautiful parts of nature on our stroller adventures in the desert!

What kind of stroller adventures do you have?

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