I love a relaxing Saturday morning at the Farmers Market and it’s the perfect place for baby to explore all kinds of new sights, sounds, and tastes. We’re lucky enough to live in an area that has gorgeous weather year-round so last Saturday we loaded up the B-Ready Stroller – my go-to stroller for just about anything – and headed out to explore the farmer’s market as a family.

I love having a stroller to use as I walk around the farmers market because it gives me a great spot to keep all the great produce that I buy. The B-Ready has a great basket and I never have any problem fitting the things that I need in it.

My very busy 10 month old was fascinated by all the colors and sounds. As we walked around, her eyes darted from one thing to the next and my older kids loved seeing her excitement.


We have some great venders at our local farmers market who always offer samples. My daughter was more than happy to taste test the oranges. We got a bit sticky in the process but the experience was worth it.


Farmers market

I’m a firm believer that kids will learn to like the foods that they are fed so we start early with healthy, whole foods. My older kids are often better eaters than I am because we’ve always tried to expose them to a large variety of foods and they aren’t tempted by sugar like I am. When they were younger, we’d visit the farmers market and let them each choose one fruit or vegetable that they’d never tried before. We’ve had some crazy stuff on our dinner table as a result of those visits to the farmers market but we’ve found some tasty new favorites and my kids have learned to be brave little eaters.

farmers market

Our little girl is well on her way to loving the farmers market as much as her older brothers do. She proudly held the oranges we bought in her lap and, as exhausted as she was, refused to fall asleep and miss any of the excitement.

Have you ever taken your kids to a farmers market? 

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