Supermom status. It’s what all moms strive for, right? Well, not all moms.

I have to be honest – I don’t exactly want to be the mom who does everything. Sure, I’d love it if my house was always perfect just in case someone stopped by unexpectedly. It would definitely be nice than opening the door just enough to get my body through and avoid letting anyone see the chaos erupting in the living room behind me. But, instead of obsessively cleaning it, I’m perfectly happy just playing with my kids – sometimes contributing to that mess – so I guess I’ll keep that just the way it is.

What my kitchen really looks like

What my kitchen really looks like

Then there’s the moms who show up to the school drop-off looking great – hair done, cute outfit, flawless makeup. Man, I’d have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to even come close to looking like that. That’s about the time my kids sneak into my bed and take over my husband’s spot in the bed for some extra cuddle time and well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. I’m okay with my messy bun, sunglasses, and yoga pants. At least just for the morning.

I’m not jealous of the moms who appear to have it all together, I am proud of them. There is way too much mom-shaming in the world these days and that’s not okay. We should be praising other moms for their accomplishments and making them feel good about themselves. After all, isn’t that how we want our children to grow up and treat other people? Even though I’m a hot mess most of the time, it doesn’t mean I’m not a good mom. I love my kids and I take care of them and provide for them, don’t I?

Once in a while I’ll be out and about with all of my kids. I have a baby on my back, I’ll be lugging around a diaper bag and other various things, and I’ll be chasing around my two other wild and crazy boys. Someone will say “Look at you go, Supermom!” It sure feels good to be appreciated, and it made me realize that even though my house may look like a disaster-area most of the time, and my kids and I aren’t always dressed to the nines, I still do a heck of a lot. I’m a multi-tasker. Superheroes have different strengths that make them super. Moms have different strengths too. We’re all supermom in our own way.

What’s your supermom superpower?


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