I often find we always have lots of extra egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, water bottles, and strawberry baskets. It seems a shame to throw so many of them away so I thought I would start thinking of fun ways to use them. Plus, anything I can find to keep my toddler’s hands busy this summer is always a plus.

Patriotic Strawberry Basket


  1. Empty strawberry basket
  2. Ribbon in red, white and blue
  3. Bow and pipe cleaner (optional)

photo 1 (2)

We began by weaving the ribbon in and out of the basket. (This also helps develop fine motor skills in kids.)

photo 4


When we got to the end I layered the ribbon over each other to make it flow and not have a seam. You could also secure it with tape inside.

photo 1

The final touch was taping on the bow and securing the pipe cleaner to both sides of the basket.

photo 2

Since we were going to see some cousins later that day, Little Man wanted to bring them a small gift. Filling the basket with some leftover party favors from his birthday ended up being a perfect fit.

photo 3

What have you turned into impromptu crafts for your kids?

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  1. How cute. I love reusing things that might otherwise end up in the trash or recycle bin for crafts!

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