As a mother of two young girls, I know how hard it is to fit exercise into my days. Heck, potty training my 2-year-old has basically halted any and all gyms trips for the last month or so while we – meaning she – are working on this potty gig. Sometimes even the normal hustle and bustle makes getting a workout in a challenge. Fitness and health are important to most moms. Here on the Right Start Blog, we’ve talked about getting back in shape after your baby is born, we’ve talked about fitting exercise in throughout your day and we’ve even covered training for a half-marathon. Today, I have family fitness on my mind.

Living an active lifestyle is incredibly important to my husband and me. It’s even more important to us to make a healthy and active lifestyle a way of life for our girls. One way we’ve done this is to make moving together as a family a regular and fun occurrence. This means everything from family bike rides after dinner to weekend hikes in the mountains, walks around the neighborhood and frequent trips to the pool.
Recently, even running has become a family affair.  I’ve been regularly running for a while, sometimes pushing our little one in the stroller and sometimes on my own. This winter my husband started running, sometimes pushing the stroller and sometimes on his own. Now, even our oldest has running fever. This summer along with planning the usual summer fun like park play dates and trips to the zoo, we’ve also planned for some kids’ fun runs, as well as 5k and 10k races for mom and dad. It’s awesome to see something so active, healthy and fun become a family activity. Now, not only are my husband and I leading by example, but I also get the boost of my husband and girls cheering me on as I cross the finish line, and I get to cheer them on as they cross, too.
My oldest after completing her first race.

My oldest after completing her first race.

How do you get active as a family? Have you ever participated in a race with your children?

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  1. […] When an active lifestyle is the norm in your home, it’s easy to set a good example for your children. Even with a busy schedule, it’s easy to find ways to get active as a family. Go for walks after dinner, take a family bike ride to breakfast or the library every Saturday, set-up standing soccer games in the backyard while dinner is cooking. Kids love taking part in classes and teams, but they’ll learn to make an active lifestyle a priority when they see their parents getting active, too. […]

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