My parents started a tradition when I was born that we’ve continued for our own children. It’s an ornament tradition and I’m SO glad they had the foresight to start it. The concept is simple one: I got an ornament each year.  Once I was old enough, I got to pick out my own ornaments. I have a dated Baby’s First Christmas that started it all. Some of the ornaments are simple or handmade. Some are just something they thought was cute. Some are things that I was particularly “into” at the time (like my Care Bear orna­ment from 1986); some are from spe­cial places (like my sham­rock from a band trip to Ire­land in 2000); and some have spe­cial mean­ing for that year (like the Nebraska orna­ment from my first year of col­lege). For any orna­ment with­out the year on it already, my mom wrote the year on the bottom.

ornament tradition

The tra­di­tion con­tin­ued up until I got mar­ried. Then, my par­ents gave me all my orna­ments. As it turns out, my husband’s family did virtually the same thing.  We con­tin­ued the tra­di­tion and each year (even before kids) we got an orna­ment for us. Now, we’ve started our lit­tle guys’ orna­ment col­lec­tions as well. Family Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree isn’t the picture-perfect shot out of a magazine. It’s not all beautiful matchy-matchy in a Martha sort of approved way. But, our tree tells our story. Each year, I love getting out all these special ornaments, bringing back so many memories of years past.

It’s such a sim­ple tra­di­tion to carry out and one that is so sen­ti­men­tal.  I can’t wait to see our tree become filled with all the boys’ special ornaments as the years go on.

What special holiday traditions does your family have?

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  1. We have the same tradition! I don’t have one for each year as a child but do have about a dozen or so that I love for nostalgia sake! I do buy the boys ornaments after christmas though… gotta have a deal. 😉

  2. Catherine says:

    I bet your boys will appreciate this tradition as much as you have.

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