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Exhibit ‘A’ of Typical Toddler Behavior in the Bathtub—“Why Do I Want to Put All of My Toys on the Tub Ledge,” you ask?  “Because it is there.”

Ahh, bath time. That nightly (or semi-nightly) ritual of turning your bathtub into a tiny water park. The entertainment and excitement are endless…and unfortunately, so usually are the splashes and spills. Must we parents always follow a sweet spell of bath time with a Cinderella episode of hands and knees floor-mopping spills? You’ve already emptied your energy into this tiny human All. Day. Long. Must bathtime always also be the Battle of You vs. the Water?

Not anymore, friends.  Meet Shelfie—The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play! Shelfie creates play space on the tub ledge for all of those hole-bottomed stacking cups, rubber duckies, and anything else that boats or floats around your tub. It gives the little ones extra space for play and contains all of the drips and pours that you would otherwise be catching with that soggy towel. It’s a simple and unique solution that can save you the Cinderella episode…and save those little feet from slipping on a wet floor. Shelfie was created by a mom whose daughter slipped on a wet floor, fell and bumped her head. Necessity is the mother of invention.

A Better Bath Time // blog.rightstart.com

One of the best things about bath time is watching the delight of a child exploring and playing with the water. There is no limit to the creative play that can happen on a Shelfie. (I mean, don’t let them sit or stand on it…but by all means, load it up with toys!) Put a little shaving cream on it and let them doodle; rest some bath paints on it and let them color their world; sometimes all they need is a cup and their own imagination to have a bath-time ball.

Speaking of a ball, Cinderella…the Shelfie can even hold a book and a relaxing beverage for you, when the day is done.

For a better bath time with more fun and less mess–#GetaShelfie.


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