Okay, I don’t mean that I give my 2-year old candy ALL the time… but dude (geez, did I even just say ‘dude’ out loud? geez)… it’s HALLOWEEN! You kinda have to have candy around Halloween… right? Right. I’m not wrong. I’m just doing my duty as a good American mother. Right? Right. Riiiiiiight.

I’m not a crazy health nut, but I will say that we do eat pretty healthy at our house. I don’t usually shell out the extra bucks to buy organic, but I don’t buy ice cream and cookies and chips to keep in the house either. Which, to be frank, is totally selfish on my part (since if I DID buy ice cream and cookies and chips to keep in the house, I’D be the one polishing them off thanks to my incredible sweet tooth… or, I guess I should say sweet teeth… plural). But I do make exceptions for the holidays: beginning with Halloween. When else can you have a great excuse to house loads of candy in your house to enjoy in moderation on a daily basis (I mean, to save exclusively for trick-or-treaters on October 31st)?

Last year, my usual holiday-ways didn’t cause me any trouble because my older child was barely 1 (and didn’t know what “chocolate” was) and I was pregnant with my second baby (meaning, that I could have as much chocolate as I wanted simply because). But now, things are different with a toddler in the house. Those toddlers actually know what’s going on… you can’t get much by them. If I casually tear open a mini 3-Musketeers bar after lunch… she wants it. If I pop a caramel cube into my mouth while cooking dinner… she wants it. “I want chaaaaah-co-lat!” she giggles. How does she even know what chooooo-co-lat IS anyways? I haven’t raised her on candy… REALLY. But somehow, she knows what it is. She’s gotten a taste somewhere. She wants it. She “needs” it (that’s a quote from her). “Chaaaaah-co-lat so good!” she exclaims. I’m blaming Grandma’s house.

But then, about a week ago, I gave in and handed her a bite of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The smile on her face and look of adoration made me laugh out loud… and melt a little bit. Why shouldn’t she enjoy this holiday too (in moderation)? So what if I give her a bit of my Kit-Kat alongside her afternoon snack of applesauce and peanut butter wheat crackers? She’s healthy, she’s active, she eats her veggies and fruits, she’s not overweight… she’s a KID. She has a nibble, enjoys it, then it’s done. “No more!” I say. “All gone!” Life is about trying it all (in moderation), right? And that, to me, includes chaaaaah-co-lat! Or maybe I just need to cut back on my own sweet tooth…. hmmmmmm.




4 Responses to So what if I give my toddler candy, right?

  1. Hathor says:

    She should eat all she can while she can! I am all for Halloween candy!! xoxox Love ya Jill

  2. I have a major sweet tooth and we have a little treat or dessert everyday … in moderation. I’ve had friends who grew up with no sweets at all and they went crazy on the sweets once they could. I agree – everything in moderation.

  3. Krishann says:

    The real issue at my house would be me eating the candy before my little one could get some. My oldest is 8 now and she’s on to me. She keeps track of her candy. She doesn’t mind sharing (in moderation:) I think she started having candy around the same age as your little girl but only here and there and if we were home we would brush immediately.

  4. […] much sugar intake is acceptable for one day… it’s ONE day. Eat the candy and get over it. (And let your kids eat the candy too! My two year old literally just had TWO lollipops. Why not.) […]

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