Okay, I don’t mean that I give my 2-year old candy ALL the time… but dude (geez, did I even just say ‘dude’ out loud? geez)… it’s HALLOWEEN! You kinda have to have candy around Halloween… right? Right. I’m not wrong. I’m just doing my duty as a good American mother. Right? Right. Riiiiiiight.

I’m not a crazy health nut, but I will say that we do eat pretty healthy at our house. I don’t usually shell out the extra bucks to buy organic, but I don’t buy ice cream and cookies and chips to keep in the house either. Which, to be frank, is totally selfish on my part (since if I DID buy ice cream and cookies and chips to keep in the house, I’D be the one polishing them off thanks to my incredible sweet tooth… or, I guess I should say sweet teeth… plural). But I do make exceptions for the holidays: beginning with Halloween. When else can you have a great excuse to house loads of candy in your house to enjoy in moderation on a daily basis (I mean, to save exclusively for trick-or-treaters on October 31st)?

Last year, my usual holiday-ways didn’t cause me any trouble because my older child was barely 1 (and didn’t know what “chocolate” was) and I was pregnant with my second baby (meaning, that I could have as much chocolate as I wanted simply because). But now, things are different with a toddler in the house. Those toddlers actually know what’s going on… you can’t get much by them. If I casually tear open a mini 3-Musketeers bar after lunch… she wants it. If I pop a caramel cube into my mouth while cooking dinner… she wants it. “I want chaaaaah-co-lat!” she giggles. How does she even know what chooooo-co-lat IS anyways? I haven’t raised her on candy… REALLY. But somehow, she knows what it is. She’s gotten a taste somewhere. She wants it. She “needs” it (that’s a quote from her). “Chaaaaah-co-lat so good!” she exclaims. I’m blaming Grandma’s house.

But then, about a week ago, I gave in and handed her a bite of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The smile on her face and look of adoration made me laugh out loud… and melt a little bit. Why shouldn’t she enjoy this holiday too (in moderation)? So what if I give her a bit of my Kit-Kat alongside her afternoon snack of applesauce and peanut butter wheat crackers? She’s healthy, she’s active, she eats her veggies and fruits, she’s not overweight… she’s a KID. She has a nibble, enjoys it, then it’s done. “No more!” I say. “All gone!” Life is about trying it all (in moderation), right? And that, to me, includes chaaaaah-co-lat! Or maybe I just need to cut back on my own sweet tooth…. hmmmmmm.





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3 Responses to So what if I give my toddler candy, right?

  1. Hathor says:

    She should eat all she can while she can! I am all for Halloween candy!! xoxox Love ya Jill

  2. I have a major sweet tooth and we have a little treat or dessert everyday … in moderation. I’ve had friends who grew up with no sweets at all and they went crazy on the sweets once they could. I agree – everything in moderation.

  3. Krishann says:

    The real issue at my house would be me eating the candy before my little one could get some. My oldest is 8 now and she’s on to me. She keeps track of her candy. She doesn’t mind sharing (in moderation:) I think she started having candy around the same age as your little girl but only here and there and if we were home we would brush immediately.

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