There’s nothing quite as wonderful and scary as having a newborn baby. Even though it was over six years ago, I still remember bringing home my oldest. It was such an amazing feeling – and also terrifying. Taking care of a tiny baby felt like such a difficult task back then, but I didn’t quite realize how easy I had it. With only one person to be in charge of, I spent every second of every day with him. Holding him, playing with him, watching him sleep to make sure he was breathing. You know, the usual stuff.

Bringing a new baby home when you have two other children is an entirely different story. Your attention is constantly divided, and even if your spouse is home to help you, you’re still outnumbered. You just don’t have the luxury of laying in bed all day with your baby. And of course my older two are always getting into something, so it’s never a dull moment around here.

My youngest is three months old now and he sleeps great. We’ve never made anyone stay quiet while he slept and as a result he pretty much sleeps through anything – as long as he has his blanket on his face of course. I found myself running up and down the stairs every few minutes checking on him. Not to mention checking on the other kids, because silence with them means trouble usually. While it’s really great exercise, it’s also very unproductive. I could be getting so much more done.

I received the Snuza Trio to try out and it has been an absolute life changer. It’s not your typical baby monitor. It has a motion sensor monitor as well as a separate audio/video monitoring system. The Snuza Hero movement monitor clips right onto baby’s diaper and alerts you if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds. It also features movement indicator lights and a setting that creates an audible tick each time the baby moves. With all of these features, there is no need to disturb the sleeping baby to make sure they’re okay.

The audio/video monitor has all of the bells and whistles. Besides being able to see and hear your child clearly and in color, it also features a night light, several different lullaby selections to play for your baby, night vision, and more. It’s truly the complete package. Since my baby doesn’t really move around much, I placed the camera in the older boys’ room to test it out. It was pretty fun to “spy” on them, and they still haven’t figured out how I could possibly know what they’re doing.

It’s nice to have a bit of calm in my otherwise crazy life, and I have to hand it to Snuza for creating the ultimate baby monitor. You can’t put a price on price of peace of mind, but you sure can buy it – and it goes by the name of Snuza Trio.

3 Responses to Snuza Trio 3-in-1 baby monitor

  1. Valerie Jensen says:

    What a great review! Snuza is awesome – I have the Hero and have used it every night without fail. I can’t sleep without it. Make sure you check out their facebook and pinterest pages – they do giveaways and post tips/tricks, etc. Very helpful customer service too! and

  2. Pawan Yadav says:

    Well, you can read review at UseMyReviews as well.

  3. Here says:

    I guess the Snuza Hero is a bit better than the Angelcare movement monitor as it has fewer false alarms

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