Snowflakes are so lovely. Traditional snowflake crafts involving scissors and paper are fun, but better suited to older kids with more developed hand-eye coordination to maneuver the scissors around a folded piece of paper. Little toddler hands don’t have to miss out on all the wintery snowflake fun, though. Stamping crafts are a great developmentally appropriate way to craft and paint with toddlers. Painting with cookie cutters is basically a stamping activity. This fall my daughters made lovely paintings with leaf-shaped cookie cutters, which inspired this snowflake cookie cutter painting. Snowflakes are a great way to get crafty this winter with your toddler, and paint is always an exciting thing for little kids.

Snowflake cookie cutter painting for toddlers

How to make Cookie Cutter Snowflake Paintings

Supplies needed:
construction paper
snowflake-shaped cookie cutters
paint (blue and white work well)
paper plates
glue and glitter (optional)

Step 1. Pour paint into paper plates. You’ll need enough to coat the snowflake when you dip it, but not so much that the snowflake swims in a sea of paint.Cookie cutter painting

Step 2. Stamp the paint-coated snowflakes onto the paper.

cookie cutter painting craft for toddlers

Step 3. If you want glittery snowflakes on your art, pour white school glue onto a paper plate. Dip a snowflake cookie cutter into the glue just as you did with the paint. Stamp the glue onto the paper, and then sprinkle with a bit of glitter.

Glittered snowflake

Step 4. Set painting aside to dry.

Snowflake cookie cutter painting

Remember, there are no rules here. Some kids will prefer to carefully set the snowflake cookie cutter gently on the paper and some will love to paint with wild abandon and quickly cover the page in as much paint as possible. The most important thing is to have fun!

Have you ever painted with cookie cutters before? What other fun Holiday cookie cutters would your toddler like to paint with?

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