Sitting up for the first time is a big milestone for a baby. It’s the first major development in a quick series of firsts. Being able to sit on their own opens up a whole new way for babies to play with their toys. It also marks some changes. For our family, the sitting up milestone means a switch from the bassinet – just an arm’s reach away – to the crib. It also means getting to use the highchair and joining us at the dinner table. When Morgan decided he was ready to sit up, we had to retire some of our baby gear.

sitting up

All of the sudden, laying down becomes the worst thing in the world. The swing, the car seat, the play mat, and the cradle are now torture devices. If your baby isn’t crawling yet – Morgan is not – butt-scooting becomes a fun way to move about the floor. Things that were once unreachable are now in sight, which will quickly escalate sitting up into the next exciting adventure…

Pulling up.

Thankfully he’s not quite there yet, but I know it will be awfully soon. I already miss the days where he’d lay on his play mat and reach for the dangling toys, happily cooing the whole time. Nowadays that just does not do it for him.

At least he looks cute sitting up.

sitting up outside

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  1. Catherine says:

    Pulling up kind of scares me. Delaney is sitting up on her own and starting to pull herself over or onto my lap, but it feels like pulling up is the end of stationary(-ish) baby.

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