Once you become a new parent you do something you thought you’d never do before. You start to stroller scope. Like how men check out each other’s cars, new parents check out each other’s strollers. When we knew we were going from a single to double stroller, this is how we discovered the Uppa Baby Vista.  And let me tell you, the Vista did not disappoint.

Things I loved about the Vista from the get go: the seat is reversible. I loved being able to interact with my baby by having her face me the first year of her life. I also loved that the fabric was eco-friendly, and I adored the chic modern color choices. The Vista strolls like a breeze on surfaces ranging from cracked sidewalks to wet grass. Knowing that we planned on having at least one more child, the appeal of transforming the Vista from a single to a double stroller added to its appeal and helped to justify its price tag. It also comes with a bassinet attachment, which, honestly, we only used a small handful of times. You can also purchase car seat adaptors for it, essentially making it a snap n’ go, which is awesome (we currently have our Maxi Cosi infant car seat snapped in for Baby #2.)

I also loved how far back you could recline the seat for when Baby needs a nap, and the giant canopy on the Vista can’t be beat, nor can my absolute favorite feature of this stroller – the giant basket. Almost 3 years later, and I have yet to give up my Vista mainly because of the basket. We all know how much stuff a baby needs, and add in your own purse and shopping bags, blankets, balls, etc. I’m telling you – this basket can hold it all. Be warned, however, that the stroller weighs 24 lbs, and if you have a bunch of other things in your trunk, it can be hard to fit all in.

I really loved this stroller when I used it as a single. Adding the additional Rumble Seat was a breeze and my toddler never minds riding in it (she actually calls it her “special seat”). When the stroller is being used as a double, it’s heavier because it has a second seat and added weight because you’re strolling two kids instead of one. My daughter’s feet do hang in the basket, which takes up some basket room, but the basket is so large that it’s not that big of a deal. I do wish the Rumble Seat was higher, and it’s for this reason alone that we may consider getting a tandem double later on like the City Mini Double or a more configurable double like the City Select. But all in all, the Vista has served us well through two kids, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it for any new parent.


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  1. Great points! I will tell ya I still love my City Select and could attest to how flexible it is with configurations.

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