Before I became a parent I never understood why parents would buy all the branded clothing, shoes, bedding, toys and whatever else they could slap a logo on for their kids. You know what I mean, the Disney character sheets or the T-shirt with Elmo plastered all over it. It always seemed so ugly to me! Maybe it’s my background in PR and marketing but why would they want their kid running around with a big advertisement on their chest? I was certain I would steer clear of these marketing tricks. That is until my son watched his first Disney movie, “Cars.”

The excitement and pure joy he had every time he watched Lightning McQueen race was enough to melt this mom’s heart. So when he started wanting the Cars toys I couldn’t say no. I figured that would be the extent of it and I could live with branded toys. But then he saw a pair of Lightning McQueen shoes. The absolute exuberance he had walking around the store in them sent me over the edge. I broke. If I could make him so happy with a pair of shoes, shoes he needed anyway, why not? Did it really matter that much to me that they wouldn’t match his outfit? (Yes, I am the mom that tries to match his socks and shoes to his outfit.) Was I that hardened that I would deny my son the one pair of shoes that make him smile from ear to ear? Nope. I whipped out that credit card and never looked back.

The very well loved shoes that melted my heart

The very well loved shoes that melted my heart

For the next three days Little Man wouldn’t take them off. He would have slept in them if I had let him. His love for Cars stuff was contagious and I started searching for anything Cars branded: shirts, socks, sunglasses, towels and even plates. My husband laughed at me for my change of heart but I didn’t care. Making this Little Man happy became more important than my own stylish ideas of what looks good. And yes, his whole ensemble still matches, it’s just all Cars themed. 😉

Do you let your kid wear branded clothing?

2 Responses to Should kids be a walking advertisement?

  1. Kirsten says:

    Zoe loves Cars underwear perhaps more than Hello Kitty underwear. 🙂

  2. jillsimonian says:

    I am right with you! I used to wonder why every single little girl had Disney this, Disney that (and mind you, I am Disney OBSESSED). I just didn’t want to go there in terms of all the branded paraphernalia. But now, I’ve gone there. We just loooooooove Sofia the First (and Tinkerbell… and Cinderella… and now Belle) so much. Her happiness as a miniature “fan” is too sweet to not experience.

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