Grandparent’s Day is just around the corner – September 8 to be exact. And even though it doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it’s still a great reminder to show those fun, special, helpful, and very loving grandparents in your life some love. I know my daughters are blessed with exceptionally wonderful grandparents, great-grandparents, and even a great-great-grandma too. The beauty of gift giving on Grandparents Day is that you can really get the kids involved and make a wonderful and personalized Grandparents Day craft every grandparent will appreciate.

All you need are cute little hands, a handful of supplies and a little time and you can make a fantastic Grandparents Day craft that’s full of love. How loved will your little one’s grandparents feel when they get a hug in the mail that’s especially made for them? Pretty special, I bet. This hand-printed hug card is perfect for little hands, but if you are looking for a slightly more hands-on version for older children there is a more advanced version of a handprint hug card on my blog, “Evolving Motherhood,” that involves more tracing and cutting.

Grandparents day

Supplies needed to make a hug greeting card:

  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Ribbon
  • Heart stencils (optional)

How to make a hug greeting card for Grandparents Day:

1. Using the heart stencils, or by freehand, draw five hearts on the colored paper. Two hearts should be large enough to fit your child’s handprint, one heart should be large enough to write a little note on, and the remaining two hearts are meant to be small accents; the size is up to you.
handprint grandparents day craft

2. Paint a layer of paint onto your child’s hand (one hand at a time), stamp onto one of the hearts and set aside to dry. Make sure you have a print of both the left and the right hand. Write a message on the third largest heart.

how to make a grandparents day card

3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 30 inches in length; give or take a bit.
4. Cut a slit on each side of each of the hearts, making a slit for the ribbon to slide through. Thread the ribbon through the slits on each heart so that the ribbon shows on the back of the heart. The order of hearts goes as follows: Left handprint, small accent heart, large heart with your written message, small accent heart, and right handprint. Leave a bit of extra ribbon on the ends to tie.

toddler grandparents day craft


5. Flip your hug card over so the back is facing up. To tie the hug pull the extra ribbon on one end across the back of the handprinted heart and tie a small knot around the ribbon on the back side of the. Repeat on the other end of the card.


grandparents day craft


6. Send your adorable card to some awesome grandparents (or even someone else whom your child loves). Who wouldn’t love getting a cute little handprinted hug in the mail?


Do you celebrate Grandparents Day? Have you made anything for the special grandparents in your life yet?

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