As a new mom, I had a frightening experience with my oldest son. I was using an older high chair that had been given to me by a family member. My son was a bit over a year so he was stable sitting down and I had gotten lax about strapping him in using the safety straps attached to my highchair.

I didn’t realize the danger that I had put my son in.

From across the room I saw him stand up in his highchair. I stood up to get him but before I could get over to him he’d fallen down, not over the edge of the highchair but between the tray and the seat.

His body slipped between the space but his head was too large to fit. With sickening speed, I watched as his he slipped through and hung by his head.

I realized afterwards, how easily he could have broken his neck and the thought scares me to death.

Highchair accidents can be prevented with a few easy precautions.

Always Supervise

Nothing replaces good parental supervision. Toddlers can get into trouble in an instant. This can be exhausting as a mom. I like to remind myself that I can relax in about 17 years . . . as comforting as that thought is. A good rule of thumb is to stay within arms reach if your child is in a highchair.

Always Use the Safety Strap

After my experience with my oldest son, I learned my lesson about using the safety straps on my highchair. It’s easy to cut corners when you are frazzled but it isn’t worth the risk.

Stay Up to Date on Recalls

Even the best brands have product recalls from time to time. Register your product with the company when you first buy it and regularly check http://www.recalls.gov to be sure you don’t own any products that have had recalls issued.

Be Cautious with Older Highchairs

I’m all about saving money but you have to be careful when it comes to some older baby gear. Safety regulations change over time. If you are using an older highchair, be sure that it complies with current safety regulations and that everything is in working order.

Inspect Before Use

Before putting your child in the highchair, inspect it to make sure it is safe. Be sure that the highchair isn’t close enough to a table or wall that your child will be able to kick against that and tip the chair over. If your highchair folds, make sure that everything is locked in the open position.

What do you do to keep your child safe while in a highchair?


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