santa handprint craft

I have a bit of an obsession with handprint crafts. They’re an easy, fun way for kids of all ages to make something memorable and unique. My sister and I have a large age gap between us, but handprint and footprint projects always brought us together around the craft table. This Santa handprint craft is absolutely adorable and will look super-cute on a refrigerator, Christmas card, or even hanging from the tree. Best of all: it’s not messy!

What you’ll need:
White paper
Black and red markers
Black paper for mounting
Googly eyes
Small white pom poms or cotton balls

handprint outline

Draw an outline of the child’s hand using the white paper and black marker.

handprint craft

Cut the handprint out.

santa hat craft

Draw Santa’s hat in the thumb area with the red and black markers.

santa handprint craft

Glue a pom pom or cotton ball onto the thumb/tip of the hat.

santa handprint craft

Add pom poms or cotton balls onto all of the remaining fingers to form a fuzzy beard.

googly-eyed santa craft

Glue googly eyes onto the middle of the face. Let kids experiment with different sizes and colors for the eyes. If you don’t have googly eyes on hand, kids can just draw eyes.

santa handprint craft

Draw a mouth and nose with the red and black markers.

mounted handprint craft

Mount it onto a black backing and show it off!

I’ve seen people make cute handprint Santas using paint handprints (white paint on black paper) and even make hand impressions into clay tiles for a more permanent fixture! The fun thing about a lot of kid crafts is that they can be totally adapted depending on the age and number of children involved. You might also want to add some reindeer with handprint antlers or make a family of handprint snowmen by drawing little carrot noses and scarves onto each finger. Be creative, and let kids come up with their own ideas!

What are your favorite seasonal crafts for kids?

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16 Responses to Santa handprint craft

  1. Clayful Impressions says:

    Very cute!! I have always enjoyed making mine in ceramic for all.

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  9. Shirley says:

    I think you can put this on white poster broad and hang it on the tree

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  11. Tabeer says:

    Lovely…. i am gonna make this with my kids tomorrow.

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