Summer Infant Connect Internet Baby Monitor SystemAs I have mentioned in a previous post there is only a few items I really needed for baby #2. One of those items was a video monitor. We never splurged for one the first time around because I thought it was silly. But since the boys will be sharing a bedroom once Punkin is in a crib I feel it is a necessity. Images of Little Man tossing books and blankets in the crib for his baby brother keep playing in my mind and I figured a video monitor would help assuage my fears.

I’ve been trying out the Summer Infant Connect Internet Baby Monitor where you are able to watch baby from your phone, computer, tablet and laptop through your very own wi-fi.


  1. Set Up –  SUPER easy and I was able to figure out how to attach it to our router and sign in to their online gateway without my husbands help. The plug-in cord for the camera is very long and allowed me to get the camera up high on a shelf without the need for an extension cord.
  2. Picture Quality – great and I can even see clearly in the dark.

    Summer Infant Baby Monitor picture quality

    What Little Man is doing when he SHOULD be napping!

  3. Security – The privacy and security in a traditional video monitor is in the digital technology between the camera and monitor.  The privacy and security with the this product is provided in the gateway plug-in to my home wireless router. This provides a secure and private connection.  Secondly, you have to log in using your email and password and it times out after 10 minutes of inactivity which ensures I don’t accidentally incur lots of data charges, also if were to lose my phone no one would be able to access the video feed. Another great feature is the fact I can turn the camera on and off. So if I didn’t want the hubby checking in on me putting the baby down I can flip the switch off.
  4. Online Viewing – The app works great, which I love as I mostly access it from my iPhone. I have also had it open on my laptop in the background while I work and could occasionally check on him. The volume on both the laptop and phone can be turned up or down depending on what you prefer. Since you can log on remotely my husband and I had fun checking in on Grandpa and Grandma on date night to see if they were getting Little Man to bed on time (which they weren’t! GOTCHA!).


  1. Not a constant monitor – If you can’t hear your baby from your bedroom and need an all night monitor with sound this isn’t the right fit for you as it does time out after 10 minutes of use. As they state on the box “Connect Internet Baby Camera Set is intended for occasional viewing and not a replacement for continuous or overnight monitoring.” Since I can easily hear my son from anywhere in the house I am mostly concerned with the process of the two of them falling asleep without hurting each other. Once they are asleep I don’t really feel the need to constantly monitor them.
  2. Needs wi-fi – Since this is hooked up to your wi-fi it will not work if your router is not working. Also, this wouldn’t be ideal for travel with my family. Every summer we head to the mountains and there is no wi-fi there so I will still have to use my cheap sound only monitor for travel.
  3. No parent handheld monitor – the entire idea is that you technically don’t need a monitor to carry around the house but there is some drawbacks to that. If I hear noise coming from Little Man’s room and I want to do a quick check to ensure he isn’t out of bed it does take a while to bring up the app and log in. Also, if I am talking on my iPhone I can’t check the app. I would have to end my call or open my laptop.

Overall, it’s a great product that does exactly what it was designed to do. If you are looking for an end all be all video monitor for constant viewing than this would not be for you. If you need a competitive monitor that works great and is easy to use for those occassional check ins, especially when you are away from the home, than this would be a perfect fit!

What did you look for in your baby monitors?

3 Responses to Review of the Summer Infant Connect Internet Baby Monitor System

  1. I have never really thought video monitors were all that important but I can definitely see the benefit of having one if your little ones will be sharing a room.

  2. Jolene Young says:

    Does this camera have the ability to zoom in and out and move right and left? I am looking into video monitors and my husband is adamant that if we are going to have one then it should have the zoom and tilt features.

    • Kate Wilkinson says:

      Unfortunately this does not have those features but I didn’t find I really needed them. I just set it up high so I got a view of the whole room.

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