Children generally start using a highchair at around six-months-old. A child will use a high chair until they are around two-years-old and then probably transition to a booster seat. You are likely to find huge plastic highchairs with big puffy jungle print seats and price tags that leave you wondering if it’s worth it to buy such a cheap looking highchair to cover a very short period of time. Typical highchairs are huge, ugly and pricey for what you get.

It’s no secret that the search for the perfect highchair is a challenge. Parents write-up a wish list of features and then set out only to find a huge number of disappointing options and very few options classified even as ‘okay.’

A Nuna Zaaz in use

It doesn’t matter if I get a choice of jungle print or pink with pastel spots, I don’t want it. Baby items do not have to look like a small child designed it. It also doesn’t matter if a highchair folds up for storage if when folded it’s still nearly as large as a Lay-z-boy recliner.

Sitting next to my dinning room table is a sleek and sturdy chair that looks like anyone could sit down and enjoy their meal in it, six-months, six-years or heck even 26-years-old. The chair height conveniently adjusts to accommodate children of all ages. The tray, arm bar, and harness easily attach and detach. This chair doesn’t look anything like those gigantic folding highchairs you’ve seen. It’s sleek, modern, simple and oh-so-easy to use. It’s the Nuna Zaaz, and I love it.

Adjustable height highchair

My husband and I were thrilled when it took mere seconds to assemble the Zaaz and after just a few meals we were hooked. At seven-months-old, Delaney, sits happily in this seat. When the tray is off she can easily be pulled right up to the table to sit with us. When the tray is on, our favorite bib- a structured Bjorn bib with a pocket to catch food- fits between the tray and the baby making it easy for her to reach her food on her own or have us feed her without the bib covering the tray or the tray forcing the bib up into her throat. Baby, bib and tray all happily coexist.

Is the Nuna Zaaz easy to use

Our favorite Zaaz features:

  • The tray isn’t too close to the baby’s body to inhibit the use of a bib.
  • The arm bar, tray, and straps come off easily. The chair transitions in seconds seamlessly.
  • The seat height adjusts with a simple pull of the foot rest.
  • Sleek lines, simple, durable fabric, and surfaces, and dining room chair like shape make the Zaaz the opposite of an eyesore.
  • The simple lines and design make clean up a breeze.

We love this highchair and I foresee it living in our dining room for years to come, even as Delaney grows out of the need for a highchair.

When looking for a highchair does ease of use and design factor high on your wish list? 

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13 Responses to Review of the Nuna Zaaz Highchair

  1. Rajean says:

    Sleek! And super cute baby girl!

  2. Sarah says:

    Great design, I love it!

  3. Shana D says:

    Man I wish we had that high chair back when my kids were little, it looks like it would be super easy to clean which is a HUGE deal when it comes to little one’s and high chairs.

  4. Jenn says:

    I love that this high chair has a seat belt! It makes the high chair I had back in the day look like a death trap. LOL

  5. I love this chair! It is so simple and clean. What a great design!

  6. Um, yes and yes. Both. And I need one really badly right now – this looks awesome!

  7. Kate says:

    Is it bothersome that it doesn’t have casters or does it have rolling capability?

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  11. Julia says:

    Do you still like the zaaz high chair? I am sceptical about the distance from the tray to the baby. I want to get your opinion since you have had it for a couple of years now. My son is 7 moths old.

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