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Thank God for super easy online registries like the one over at Right Start. Registering the second time around is a lot easier than the first, but still kind of confusing. While I assumed I pretty much had everything I needed from the first kid, as I hit the last stages of pregnancy, all of a sudden all of the little things I didn’t think of popped into my head!  Getting set up online with Right Start was super easy, and I really appreciated all of the various lists they had sorted by categories to jog my brain on what I needed. For instance, we have a stroller from kid #1 that converts to a double, but still needed to get the car seat converter so that 2 kids would actually fit! The burp cloths and bibs we used the first time around are barely recognizable at best, and now we need a video monitor that works for multiple rooms.

And let’s be honest, a lot of cooler more innovative new products have come out in the past 2.5 years between kids. Like this sleek new baby seat from Nuna or the EnJoye breast pump  or these cute Mixie bottles that hold the formula inside of it for easy transport – I’d never heard of any of these a few years ago. The problem with online baby registries (or is it?) is that it’s super easy to get sucked into hours of perusing product after product. I loved the Right Start Essentials List where it basically goes down a checklist for you, automatically checking off items in certain categories you’ve already registered for. Obviously as a second-time mom, a lot of these will remain unchecked, but for a visual, list-oriented person such as myself, it’s really handy, and reminds me of things I didn’t think of like a new rectal thermometer (I know, the life of a mom is super glamorous, right?)

I originally wished the return policy were a little more generous since many moms have showers more than a month before their due dates (their policy is within 30 days), and oftentimes you don’t know that you won’t need something or something won’t fit until after Baby is here, but rest assured that if you take something back from your registry unopened to any Right Start store even after that time period, you can receive store credit.  I also wish the shipping for returns were free. I do appreciate the free shipping on anything over $49 and the $50 back for every $500 spent (which comes a lot faster than you’d think!) All in all, I had a great experience and registering is just as fun the second time around!

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