Reasons to find out the gender of your babyI always knew I wanted to know the gender of our babies. I am such a planner and to not be prepared when our little one came into the world would bother me. Many of my friends decide not to find out and I can certainly understand wanting to be surprised. After all there’s very few surprises in life anymore.

Here’s my reasons with each pregnancy of why we decided to find out:


  • I had to get a nursery set up! Pink or blue I must know! (sorry Im not a fan of yellow)
  • This would be the one time I registered for gifts and I wanted to be sure the baby gear was gender appropriate.
  • Speaking of baby showers I knew I would be getting a lot of clothes (people LOVE to buy baby clothes!) and I didn’t want everything in green and yellow
  • Picking a name is hard enough. I didn’t want to look through BOTH boys and girls options! Too much work!


  • I REALLY wanted a girl and needed to know early to allow myself time to grieve in case it was a boy (which it was).
  • I am prone to mild postpartum depression so adding disappointment onto the already heightened emotions and hormones after delivery wouldn’t be a good idea.
  •  If it was a girl than I wanted to prepare and figure out how to arrange a pink nursery (I LOVE pink!)
  • If it was a girl I would want a shower to get all those cute girl outfits


  • I was actually ok with a girl or boy at this point but since this would be our last pregnancy I thought it would be fun to do a gender reveal party
  • If it was a girl I wanted a pink shower and girl clothes

So those were my reasons at the time. What are yours?

Did you find out the sex of your baby? Why or why not?


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