I have amazing memories of my baby just learning to crawl and walk dragging books across the room so she could sit and my lap and be read to. Her desire to read and be read to has never changed. She loves to read and now she is helping to develop her baby sisters love of reading too.

Beyond being an important and neccesary tool in day to day life reading opens the imagination, creates worlds- both real and made-up- to visit and exposes children to new ideas. So when is a good time to introduce books and reading to your child? All children benifit from reading on a daily basis, even babies. Reading to young children can help their interest in reading, and eventually increse their vocabulary future school readiness. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics reccomends reading early and often with children. Raising your child to love reading is easier than it seems and so much fun.

 Raising a Reader: 5 tips for reading with your baby

5 tips for reading with your baby and raise a reader:

  • Make books an integral part of your babies surroundings. Think small board books that are easy for little hands to hold to include with stashes of toys around your house, waterproof books for the bath, and fabric or soft books.
  • When choosing books for your baby the more durable the better. Babies chew, slobber and in general do not have a gentle touch so having board books and durable fabric books on hand is essential.
  • Babies love pictures of other babies, animals, and easily recognizable objects. Books with photographs are best for capturing drawing in a babies attention at this young age.
  • Books that pull multiple senses into the reading experience are great attention-getters. Look for a touch and feel type book with different surfaces for your babies little hands to feel or soft sounds.
  • Make reading time a family affair. If your reading to older children include the baby. Even if you’re reading a chapter book without pictures, your baby will love the snuggles and togetherness all while being exposed to numerous words and sounds.

How do you incorporate reading into your baby’s day? Do you have any tips for raising a reader?


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4 Responses to Raising a reader: 5 tips for reading with your baby

  1. Kagey says:

    I read to my babies, from the very start. In the beginning I just read aloud whatever novel I was reading for my own enjoyment, because I figured they would enjoy my voice. When they were old enough to look at what I was reading, I started on board books and fabric books. We’ve just evolved from there. Even though my older kids can read on their own now, we read out loud together, a chapter a night, of some longer book. It is also important for the kids to see the parents reading for their own education or enjoyment, to show that it is a lifelong habit.

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