baby feetI don’t know why I didn’t expect the unsolicited advice that came in abundance after my first baby was born. And oh did it come.

Don’t sleep with that baby in your bed. You have to breastfeed that baby on a schedule. You have to give that baby rice cereal at 4 months or he won’t sleep through the night . . . ever. Whatever you do, don’t ever use cloth diapers.

I ignored most of that.

The one piece of advice that irritated me more than anything else though was something that seemed harmless . . . and yet it was repeated to me over and over again.

Without fail, every single time I took my baby out in public, some older lady would come up to me and say “Put some socks on that baby! He’s freezing”.

Keep in mind my baby was born in July. It was over 100 degrees outside for most of the summer. If there is anything my baby was not, it was freezing. I started purposefully NOT putting socks on my baby just because it irritated me so much because I’m mature like that.

I’m really not sure why that one piece of advice got to me. It had no bearing on my parenting ability. It was so silly it bordered on ridiculous. It wasn’t something I planned on doing with my baby the way I planned out his nursery or made the decision to breastfeed.

As it turns out, I just really don’t like baby socks.

Now on my 4th baby, I can probably count on one hand the number of times my 15 month old has even worn socks in her life and I’m okay with that.

Either the random strangers have stopped caring that I don’t put socks on her or I’ve just learned to tune out that particular piece of unwanted advice because I haven’t heard it in a while. Of course maybe they are just too preoccupied by Miley Cyrus twerking to care whether or not my baby wears socks.

Is there one piece of unwanted advice you’ve heard over and over again?

2 Responses to “Put Some Socks on that Baby!” and Other Unwanted Advice

  1. Amanda Starr says:

    Yeah I heard that all the time too. Though my girl was a Sept baby and try as I might she hated socks and hats with a passion haha.

    I think the thing that bugged me most was strangers going on and on about breast feeding being best and formula was awful. I think breast feeding is awesome but unfortunately after trying I couldn’t (milk never came in) so every time someone would go on about it it made me feel like a failure.

  2. Brandi says:

    My last baby was born at the end of May. On a mid-July 100 degree day, my husband’s aunt insisted my baby should be wearing a hat. She had only a onsie on, I’m sure she wasn’t missing her hat!

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