preparing for twinsI’m playing the waiting game right now. I’m never patient at the end of pregnancy, but expecting twins is an entirely different ballgame. I’m not a first time mom, but in so many ways, I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing this time around.

I’m typically a planner, but I’m finding it a bit hard to plan for the unknown, which makes preparing for twins interesting. I’m doing the best I can and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s good enough!

Read, Read, Read

I like to know what I’m in for, so I’ve been doing my research during this pregnancy. I’ve been reading books about twin pregnancy and raising twins and devouring blogs and online forums. The information I’ve read has gone a long way towards reassuring me that I can handle this . . . probably.

Establish Routines

I fully recognize that all sense of order and routine is likely to go out the window when we have newborn twins in the house. I’m still hopeful that if we establish good habits now, we’ll be able to fall back into them once things settle down a bit. If nothing else, I’m hoping my family will be able to maintain its own routine while I’m recovering to keep our house running relatively smoothly.

Decide What you Really Need Doubles of

I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to baby gear. I really didn’t want to clutter my house up with multiples of things that I could honestly get away with having singles of. This is where all my reading came in handy (at least I hope). I doubled up on car seats, high chairs and found the perfect double stroller. Things like clothes I bought a few extra things but didn’t quite double what I already had. Larger items like swings and bouncy seats I stuck with one each since I can rotate babies between the two without losing all my floor space to baby gear.

Accept offers for help

People are usually quick to offer help when you find out you are having twins, but I know the chances of actually remembering who offered what once the babies arrive is slim. Keep a list of who offered help, including what they’d like to help with and their phone number, so you have it ready when you have a need. If people offer to bring meals once the babies arrive, consider setting up an online meal calendar to allow people to commit to a date now so you won’t have to arrange anything once you deliver.

Rest While you Can 

The end of pregnancy is uncomfortable, and I’m usually pretty antsy, as well. It makes relaxing a bit tricky, but try and remember that it will be a while before you get any downtime again. If you can’t take a nap, try resting in your bed (propped up with plenty of pillows for comfort). Read a book or get sucked into a full season of a TV show you’ve been meaning to see. Catch up on any stationary hobbies you have since it may be a while before you get a chance to devote any time to them. I’ve been catching up on making photo books since I can do that from the couch.


Are you expecting twins? What are you doing to prepare for their arrival?

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  1. Oh hon I am so excited for you! Praying for a smooth delivery and quick recovery.

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