As excited expectant parents my husband and I decided to document the ever-changing shape of my body as it happened. Each week, wearing the same grey bottoms and white top, I stood against a plain white wall in our small town home to be the subject of a profile shot. My husbands budding photography hobby made him less than thrilled with the lighting, backdrop, and composure of these photos, but limited space, lighting, and time dictated we keep things simple. As the weeks went by my belly grew and the photos did their job and captured the changes. Those photos now live in the pages of a pregnancy book mixed with diary entries, the lists of possible girl and boy names we amassed, dates of doctors appointments, and other tidbits. weekly pregnancy photos

Years later a second set of pregnancy photos was born. This time a much more organized and sophisticated plan unfolded. A studio of sorts was set up in our basement and later in the garage of our new home. A large sheet of paper serving as a backdrop and masking tape marking the exact spot where I was to stand each week. The results are dramatically different from the first time around. The style and look of each set is all their own. Yet, both sets capture the growing belly, and changing shape of a mother as her baby grows inside her, and the increasing excitement as time passes. The resulting books are different in look and feel, yet they both hold the love and hope we felt during those months of pregnancy. One day my daughters will enjoy flipping through their books and they’ll even get insight into what it was like for us while we waited for their births.

How to take eye-catching pregnancy photos

Tips to Capture Eye-Catching Weekly Pregnancy Photos:

1. Pick a specific day and time each week to take your photo. This will help you stay on top of your photos.

2. Record a thought or two each week or keep a journal during your pregnancy to accompany your photos.

3. Take a few extra shots during your pregnancy to add into your photo books. We have funny shots of my husband and I with the positive pregnancy test in my first daughter’s book and shots of me with pink balloons when we found out we were having a girl in my second daughters book.

4. Wear colorful clothing. Wear jewelry. Put on a little Make-up. Style your hair. You don’t have to do all these things, but adding some color and oomph to your photos will make a big difference and you’ll be glad if you do at least one of them.

5. Take your photos up a notch by using software such as Photoshop or the online photo editing site PicMonkey.

6. Use props to add some fun. Hold up a cantaloupe that is the same size as your baby when you are 35 weeks pregnant or show off that perfect little newborn sized dress you just bought for your baby girl. Simple props every now and then can add a lot to your photo.

7. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Sure, the main goal is to document your beautiful growing belly but showing off your personality will only enhance the photos and the experience.

Have you taken weekly pregnancy photos? What are your best tips to capture eye-catching photos?

3 Responses to How to capture eye-catching pregnancy photos

  1. jillsimonian says:

    You seriously look like you’re in a pregnancy magazine! These photos are adorable… this is the ONE thing I regret: NOT doing pictures on a regular basis. Kudos to you for organizing that special time!

  2. Those photos are amazing! I was really bad about taking maternity photos . . . all 5 times. You’d think I would have figured it out somewhere along the way but I always just forgot to take photos.

  3. So pretty! I was pretty bad the second time. The first time I think I got one shot each month though but they are all pretty bad.

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