These days I am so NOT fabulous. With any luck my attitude will change soon. As my toddler will be 2.5 years old next month, my own mom (aka “Grandma”) has been encouraging me (aka “telling me to get on it”) to potty-train… like, NOW. And you guessed it: I’m just not that into it. (And after recently watching her at the Oscars, I have to wonder if celebrity mom Jennifer Garner is? I digress…)

You'd THINK this would do the trick?

You’d THINK this would do the trick?

To tell you the truth, my toddler isn’t that into it either (actually, she screams and fights and cries about not wanting to sit on the potty). I’ve offered her chocolate. I’ve offered her cookies. I’ve offered to sit on the potty with her… and with Hop-Hop and Na-Na. I’ve even tried putting her little sister on the potty to try and make her jealous and inspire her to do it. Nothing works (so far)… which is weird, because the little vixen’s pretty much done everything else right on target. Maybe she senses this is the end of her baby-ness… maybe this is her (my) signature challenge to learn and overcome… or maybe she’s picked up on my apathetic attitude about the whole thing and figures there’s no sense in making an effort because Mommy’s already over it.

See, life in diapers is fairly smooth these days: I’m already used to diaper-changes for my almost-year old, I don’t have to worry about any unforeseen potty-accidents happening in inconvenient places (like on my living room carpet) and I can load everyone in the car and do a half day of errands without having to interrogate and inquire (over and over) if anyone “has to stop and go potty.” My life feels EASY and under control and I’m not about to disrupt that.

I’m not worried about it happening (as someday it will), but maybe I should be? At some point I need to kick myself in the butt, be vigilant about it and insist if for nothing else than to just get the whole thing over with…. regardless of any protests from the party-in-training. But the big question is: How long will it take – and how much chocolate must I consume – for me to correct my own attitude and get this done?


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