pottyMany of you may recall my Potty Training Confession: My Son is Almost Four and Still Isn’t Potty Trained post I wrote back in January. Well, I am happy to report we have finally achieved success in pottyland! It’s been two weeks, and I feel like a huge weight has lifted. Potty training Little Man was always this nagging thing in the back of my head I knew I needed to do but had built it up so much that I was stress paralyzed about it. I was ramping myself up to attack it come July when this happened…

I walked in the door after being out all morning to my mother in law and kids playing in the living room. The minute Little Man saw me he screamed “I pooped on the potty!” I was in such shock I looked at my mother in law, and she just smiled with a look of I didn’t do it. I ran into the bathroom, and sure enough there was a poop right in his training potty. I couldn’t have been more excited if someone had told me I won the lottery. I screamed and praised him and even took a photo (yes, I’m THAT mom). The rest of the day was spent in underwear, and the next day we bundled up all his diapers and said goodbye.

Now don’t get me wrong, we still had plenty of accidents in the last two weeks, but they became fewer and fewer; and the last two days, I am happy to report we have been accident-free. I think my main fear in potty training was the idea that I would have to stay home for DAYS. To someone like me who needs to get out of the house every day this felt like a death sentence.

Since Little Man decided to do this himself, it obviously was not the timing I would have chosen. After all, we had Vacation Bible School (VBS) all next week. I couldn’t very well expect some volunteer teaching my kid to remind him to use the potty. So in an effort to make my life easier I bought pull-ups for night time and VBS. We did have more regression since I didn’t go cold turkey, but frankly I didn’t feel I had much choice. We used the pull-ups when we were out for the first week, but now we just use them at night. I value sleep WAY too much to be cleaning up pee-filled sheets at 2 a.m. He does usually wake up dry, though, so we may end up nixing them soon.

One other tidbit I learned was that the more I pushed him to “try” to go when he said he didn’t have to, the more angry he became, and it created power struggles. I think he felt like a failure when he didn’t end up peeing on the potty. I started approaching it differently and trusting his own bodily instincts. Instead of demanding he sit and “try” every hour, I just said, “Remember when you have to go potty let mommy know.” It created a better environment where he was in control, plus it also provided a mental cue, and more times than not within a minute of the reminder, he would run to the bathroom on his own.

Overall, it really has been a smooth process, and I am so glad I waited till he was ready and it clicked for him.

What potty training fears did or do you have?

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