Potty TrainingLittle Man will be four in June and we are nowhere near being potty trained… and frankly I am beginning to feel embarrassed. There. I have said it. I know potty training is all about the readiness of the child and boys can take longer, but when we are at the playground and he is the only kid his age with a diaper sticking out of his pants I feel embarrassed. Are the other moms looking at me and thinking I am lazy or *gasp* my son is “slow”? It’s hard not to let your evil mind get the best of you by creating judgments of inadequacy.

It’s not like we haven’t tried. Our first attempt was this past summer when we let him run around outside with no diaper. I pumped him full of salty snacks and juice yet this kid held his pee for FOUR hours! Can you believe it!? I can barely do that after a glass of water, and he had THREE juice boxes! By 2pm we had to call it and put him down for a nap with a diaper… which of course he peed in.

I decided to try again and did a full day at home experimenting between underwear, nudity and Potty Patrol diapers. Did I mention we have carpet in pretty much the entire house? It was such a scary experience for me that I was starting to think I wasn’t ready.

Offering a small toy as a reward only resulted in the poor boy sitting on the potty for 45 minutes until he peed – got to give him points for determination. We have tried his favorite underwear as an incentive (along with other things) and have shared all the benefits of the potty but each time we ask him about peeing on the potty he simply says, “I’m not ready.” This from the kid who tells me he needs privacy to poop and insists I leave the room. This from the child who tells me immediately when he’s done pooping and demands to be changed ASAP. This from the boy who can undress and dress himself completely.

Yes I am sure we could push him and create a miserable experience for the both of us but at this point, with another very mobile baby, I’m not sure I have the energy for the follow through. I guess I will just have to wait until the desire to not have two in diapers outweighs his opinion that he isn’t ready.

At what age did your kids get potty trained?

5 Responses to Potty Training Confession: My Son is Almost Four and Still Isn’t Potty Trained

  1. I’m a lazy potty trainer and I fully admit it. My last two kids were just under 4 when they were potty trained and I was totally fine with it. Just when I started to think they would be in diapers forever they told me they wanted to stop wearing diapers and potty trained in a day. That was way easier than the 6 month fight I had with my oldest trying to potty train him at 2 1/2.

  2. Maria says:

    Thank you for writing this post Katie! I am in the same exact situation and I was starting to feel alone. Not only does my son hold his pee when he is in underwear but also his poo which has already created a ton of constipation issues. It’s driving me nuts! I so badly want him to go to preschool as I know he would thrive but hardly any schools will take them unless they are potty trained. Let me know if you figure out something that works for him and maybe it will work for us too.

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  4. megan n says:

    Dont feel bad. I have a son who will be 6 in May and is still not potty trained. He has zero interest! After my oldest daughter practically potty trained herself at 22 months, I thought for sure my second child would be just as easy, but boy was I wrong. We have been trying different things on and off for about 3 years now and nothing has worked. Most recently we just told him no more diapers. He refused to wear underwear or pants and so just walked around bare bottomed. He held it for almost 40 hours!!!! We were amazed that he held everything in even through the night. During those 40 hours we put him on the potty at least every hour and he would do nothing. So we then decided it was not at all good for him to hold it for so long and gave in and put a diaper on him. I have since decided that when hes ready he will go. And I figure theres no way he’ll still be in diapers when he’s 18, right? =)
    So dont worry what others are thinking when they see his diaper sticking out of his pants. I used to be embarrassed too, but I know what best for our family and our son and thats really all that matters. Plus, chances are those other parents have been in the same situation or know someone who has.

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