Even when kids are not yet old enough to know what a holidays really are, or why we have them, they still like a good celebration. It’s never to early to have your little ones celebrate a holiday, and it’s never too early to have a little one get crafty with red, white and blue. Every little thing they do is an opportunity to learn, and this potato stamped stars and stripes is a great example of introducing July 4th to your toddler and getting them involved in the celebration … and having them get a little messy with some art supplies.

July 4th Potato Stamp Craft // blog.rightstart.com


Of course, this July 4th craft is totally adaptable for kids of all ages. This activity is a great way to celebrate the Independence Day and also give your kids a chance to be creative.July 4th Potato Stamp Craft // blog.rightstart.com

Supplies Needed to Make Potato Stamped Stars and Stripes Art

A fresh potato

A small star-shaped cookie cutter

Paring knife

White paper

Red and blue paint (we also used silver)

Paint brush

How to Make a Star Potato Stamp

July 4th Potato Stamp Craft // blog.rightstart.com

Cut the potato in half. Press the cookie cutter into the cut side of the potato at least a 1/3″ – 1/2″. Leave the cookie cutter in the potato and use a paring knife to cut around the edge of the cookie cutter. Remove the cut edge, and then gently pull the cookie cutter from the potato to reveal your star stamp.

How to Make July 4th Stamped Stars and Stripes Art
July 4th Potato Stamp Craft // blog.rightstart.com

Use the paint brush to paint red stripes across the paper.

July 4th Potato Stamp Craft // blog.rightstart.com

Once the paint is slightly dry, use the potato stamps to stamp blue stars onto the paper. The placement of the stars is up to you.

If you would like to make it even more of a stamping party, go ahead and skip the stripes and stamp red, blue and silver stars onto a white piece of paper.

Have you used potatoes to make stamps before? What other shapes would be fun for your toddler to stamp?

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