As we start the second full week of January the craziness from the holidays is subsiding and things are getting back to normal. I would argue that now – as life as returned to ordinary levels – is the time to think about your coming year and start making some plans as a family. A little planning and forethought will help get your 2014 off on the right foot. After sitting down with my family of four for a little meeting of the minds we have a great framework for our year to come. To help us plan we focused on four key areas: goals, trips, family time, and charity.

family goals

Goals. We have all picked a goal or two to work towards. Picking our goals together as a family helps us know what we are cheering each other towards. In 2014 I’m planning a list of races including a couple of half marathons, Luke is planning to compete in a motorcycle endurance race, Madeline plans to read 89 books and eat less sugar – her ideas completely – and, Delaney’s big goal is to start riding her glide bike as soon as she’s a bit taller. We helped the baby with her goal, obviously, but other than that we all came up with goals for ourselves and now that we’ve talked about our individual goals together they feel a bit more like family goals because now we can all offer support for each other as we go.

Trips. We don’t have any big family trips planned for 2014 but we are thinking of a couple of smaller trips for the four of us. Maybe a long weekend to one of the awesome ski towns we have yet to visit in Colorado such as Steamboat Springs, or maybe a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Family Time. An important part of family time for us is weekends at my husband’s family’s cabin so we’re penciling a few weekends in the mountains to make sure we get our time in. We will also brainstorm some fun activities for us to do as a family. Trips to the zoo or science museum, pottery painting or family hikes are all possibilities.

Charity. To continue our lessons in giving and generosity from the holiday season we’ve made it a priority to talk about causes we would like to support as a family in the new year. For example my girls love animals and have decided they would like to support the Denver Zoo through a family membership and visits throughout the year.

Have you made and family goals for 2014? 

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