Right Start’s five favorite Halloween-related blog posts.

Over the years, all manner of Halloween-related parenting tricks—or treats!—have been published on the Right Start blog.  On the eve of Halloween, we’ve chosen some of our favorites. Don’t forget that the Halloween celebration continues before and after the event itself. Often, parents use Halloween as an opportunity to teach their little ones about basic safety (how to cross the street, “stranger danger” awareness, costumes you can actually see out of, etc.), and also about food nutrition, cooking (whipping up fun Halloween recipes!), and art (such as pumpkin carving!, or crafting and designing costumes.). And even after Halloween, parents often make alternative uses of all that candy! Some use it as a great math learning tool, and others use it as an opportunity to teach their little ones about charity. You’ll see; visit our favorite blogs to find out more!

“What to Do with All That Leftover Halloween Candy!”

Did you know that some dentist’s offices will actually buy back your Halloween candy? And, even cooler, they then send it to troops overseas! Visit Halloween Candy Buy Back to learn more about the program & see what dentist’s in your area are participating!

“Halloween Ink Blot Jack-o-lantern Art”

What would Halloween be without jack-o-lanters? Kids pickup quickly on jack-o-lanters, and even at a young age, they know that Halloween and jack-o-lanterns go hand in hand.

Pick your treat for Halloween//blog.,rightstart.com

“Five Halloween and Fall Books for Little Ones”

Whether it’s rhyming or hiding, ghosts or goblins, kids enjoy all the spooks and sounds of Halloween storytime!

“15+ Halloween Fun Foods for Kids”

Whether it’s a sugary treat or something healthy, kids are always so much more excited (and eat the food better) when it’s got a fun theme.  Almost all of these recipes are no-bake and very easy to make! Owl Smores, Ghost Sandwiches, Monster Apples, and Boo-licious Brownies are only some of the tricks you’ll find in these treats!

“Basic Halloween Safety for Toddlers”

These simple precautions can help keep your toddler safe on Halloween night, and help make sure that everyone has a great time.

pick your treat this halloween//blog.rightstart.com

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