So, my parents are moving in next door. Yes, literally NEXT door. Like the house right next to ours! <long awkward pause> So, what are you thinking right now? MovingInterestingly, the reactions I’ve gotten from people my own age have been the same across the board. It’s this mix of shock and horror with some of sort of statement like, “What?! And you’re okay with that?!” Or, in an even more exasperated voice they say, “And your husband is okay with that?!”

Here’s the deal…

I am okay with that! Why? Because life is too short to not be. Sure we’ll need to establish some boundaries, and I’m sure there will be times of irritation. But isn’t that true in any family, whether you live under the same roof or 1,000 miles away from each other?

The flip side of that is that we can look out for and help each other. And, my kids get the opportunity to make some really great memories with their grandparents. When we told the boys that Grammy and Grampy were moving in next door, they were actually giddy with shrieks of excitement, jumping and dancing.

There will be a time (which I’m sure will seem not too long from now) where hanging out with parents and grandparents won’t be so cool.  But, for now, living next door to Grammy and Grampy seem like the coolest thing in the world to these three little boys of mine, and I’m glad they have the opportunity!

What do you think about living close to family?

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