parenting when mom is sickMy kids got hit with a nasty stomach bug earlier this week right after my husband left town. We have a habit of doing that. I had high hopes that I would avoid getting sick but no such luck.

We all know that being a mom is hard enough even when you are feeling your best. Parenting when you are sick makes everything just that much harder . . . especially when you don’t have a second set of hands around to help you out.

Unfortunately, in 9 years of being a mom, I’ve had to take my fair share of sick days. And by sick days I mean days when I’m horribly ill but still have to get up and take care of the kids.

Here are my tips for surviving those days when you are under the weather:

Ask for Help

Getting someone to help you isn’t always an option and honestly asking for help when you need it can be hard to do when you are used to handling things on your own. I’ve been lucky that my mom has been around today to help me out, but when she’s not around I don’t hesitate to put my kids to work. The older two understand when I’m not feeling well and they are usually more than willing to help by entertaining younger siblings or getting me the things that I need. If you have younger kids, you’ll still have to supervise but even young kids can help get you a ginger ale from the fridge or bring you the TV remote.

Focus on the Essentials

Some things have to be done no matter how you feel. Nursing a baby while sick is tricky but necessary, especially since baby will get antibodies through your milk and hopefully avoid getting sick. When you don’t feel like eating, don’t bother cooking. Kids will be fine with cereal for the day and you won’t have to deal with any strong smells. Do what ever you can while lying down on the couch and save anything that isn’t absolutely essential for another day.

Use the Digital Babysitter

We try and limit TV and video games around here but on sick days, they are lifesavers.  My sweet husband, frustrated he couldn’t help while away on business, bought a new app for the kids to play on the iPad to keep them occupied. Pull out old movies that you haven’t seen in a while. I love introducing my kids to old classics that are brand new to them and a sick day is the perfect time to do that.

What tricks do you have for parenting when you are sick?




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