Parenting Resolutions

Happy 2013! A new year. A time for reflecting. A time for goals and resolutions. We all know of the common resolutions like lose weight, get healthy, save more, quit any number of various bad habits. But, how about family resolutions? Or, parenting resolutions?

With 3 little guys in my care now, it’s something I’ve been thinking more about lately. So, I thought I’d kick off 2013 here by sharing some parenting related goals for the new year.

1. Embrace the cameraThis goal can have two different facets–taking more pictures and actually being in the pictures. Make a conscious decision to use your camera and document life. And, maybe actually use your nicer camera. The majority of us probably have a nicer camera than our cell phones. So, use it! Then, make sure you actually get in some of those photos! As moms, we are often the ones behind the camera or tend to stay out of the camera for any variety of reasons. But, one day our babies will be grown and they will want to have evidence of us being in their lives. So, make a goal to actually get in some photos.

2. Just say no. The truth is that many women tend to be people pleasers or take on more than they want to. So, work on just saying no. Maybe it’s to your kids, maybe to your friends, your job, or your blog! But, just remember it’s ok to say no or to delegate some responsibilities where you can.

3. Be present. Life is often going at warp-speed and it seems we are constantly multitasking–especially now with the world at our fingertips in phones, tablets, etc. So, set a goal to slow down and be fully present. Consider setting a time goal or planning certain tasks when you are giving your complete undivided attention.

Those are all areas that I’m striving to improve on this year!

What are your parenting resolutions or goals for 2013?

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