paper towel ghosts

Looking for a last-minute Halloween craft to do with your kids? These paper towel ghosts are perfect for all ages. I actually remember making them with my sister from the age of 3 up to when I was about 15 years old. They’re fun for everyone because they’re really easy and made using items you’re guaranteed to already have at home. Kids get to show their creativity by giving the little ghosts different facial expressions. I remember breaking the colors out and making vampire ghosts, Frankenstein ghosts and werewolf-themed ghosts.

paper towel ghosts

You’ll need paper towels, cotton balls, a permanent marker and string.

paper towel ghostsPlace the cotton ball in the middle of the paper towel and cinch the rest of the paper towel around it. This will form the ghost’s head.

paper towel ghosts

Tie off the head with a piece of string.

paper towel ghosts

Use the permanent marker to give the ghost a face.

paper towel ghosts

Give the ghosts a haunt! Tape them around the house. We put ours up above the kitchen window.

These little ghosts make an excellent part of a last-minute Halloween display with some dollar store garland or a quick banner made from orange construction paper. We often set them around the pumpkins on the mantle throughout October until the pumpkins get carved right before Halloween. They also make a fun display with some tin can luminaries.

Does your family have any favorite last-minute crafts for Halloween?

4 Responses to Paper towel ghosts

  1. Aw, memories! 🙂 We use to do the same thing as a kid–only with Kleenex instead! 🙂 Fun!

  2. I think even I can handle these. Great craft for little ones!

  3. Catherine says:

    How cute! This sounds like a great craft for a little one!

  4. […] This easy Halloween craft was one of my favorite things when I was a kid. My sister and I used to make them throughout October, and then we’d create angel versions come Christmastime. A tissue or paper towel + cotton ball + string + marker = ghosts! Check out the full tutorial over on the Right Start Blog. […]

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