I’m sure like most mothers, I have had a hard time letting go of my son’s artwork that he has created over the years.

I am an artist, and I love seeing my son’s artistic creations that he has created in school and at home…but over time, all of the artwork starts to pile up. I hate to get rid of it…what if my son asks to see it in the future? Please note – not once has he asked to see a previous piece of his artwork…it’s really me who is having a hard time letting go of it. So what can you do to cut down on the amount of artwork piling up but not let go of the memory of it? Here are a few ideas:

Scrapbook the artwork – for smaller pieces of art, you can slide it into a page protector or create a pocket page and include several pieces of artwork. For larger items, you can either take a picture of the artwork itself or of your child holding the piece of art. This is especially helpful if your child has created anything 3D. Below is a two-page spread that I made of some of my son’s artwork from kindergarten and earlier…

artwork layouts_cropped

Scrapbook pages of my son’s artwork

Create magnetic clips for the refrigerator – this is a fun project to get the kids involved. Here, Kate Wilkinson shows you step-by-step how to create adorable airplane magnet art clips to display your child’s artwork.


Frame it – we all have many frames that maybe we’re not using at the moment. Why not put those to good use and frame your child’s artwork? You can dedicate a wall in your home for multiple framed art (if you have the space), or just use one frame that is placed on your mantel or bookcase and switch out the artwork or picture of the artwork. This frame from Pearhead would be perfect to display pictures of the artwork…and it even has a space to the right of the picture to either handprint your child’s hands or you can put your child’s name in that area (especially helpful if you have a frame for each child in your house).


Frame by Pearhead


Bookmarks, photo books and calendars – after taking pictures of your child’s artwork, make a small print of it, adhere it to a strip of cardstock and laminate it. I’ve done this in the past as grandparent gifts by placing the bookmark on top of their Christmas presents, and they loved it. Don’t forget to make some extras for you and your kids to enjoy while reading! There are also many online sites where you can upload your pictures of the artwork and create photobooks and calendars. Again, these are great gift ideas for family members and also to have around your house, as well.

How do you tackle the endless amount of artwork your child brings home?



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