My top parenting moment of 2012 was the beautiful home birth of my daughter Delaney. I could not have planned the peaceful and calm birth any better if I had tried. I still get emotional thinking about my husband waking my oldest daughter and bring her across the hall to our room so she could meet her brand new baby sister shortly after the birth. It was not just one of the highlights of my year, but a memory I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life.

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It’s hard to nail down one moment that defines motherhood for me this past year. Learning that we were having another boy, going through the process of grieving over not having a girl, to the excitement and acceptance of another little boy in our family was certainly a defining process for me. I have completely embraced being a ‘Boy Mom’ from stepping on Hot Wheel cars in the morning to enjoying the non stop action of a two year old boy. Now everytime I look through my purse and grab an airplane instead of my lip balm I smile knowing that those fun memories won’t be ending anytime soon.

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My top parenting moment this year actually came the day after giving birth to my second son. My mother-in-law brought my toddler to the hospital to meet his baby brother for the very first time, and we were all a little apprehensive of how he’d react. He spent a couple minutes playing with all the “Welcome Baby” balloons and flowers before making his way over to the newest addition to our family. He stared at the baby intently for a minute and then gently leaned over and planted the most tender little kiss right in the middle of his forehead. I’ve never been more proud.

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Parenting moment- As cliche’ as it may be, my top 2012 parenting moment was the day our third little guy was born. We dealt with a few scares & complications during the pregnancy and were completely overjoyed when he arrived completely healthy and beautiful!

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My absolute top parenting moment of 2012 is clear: the birth of my daughter. The least few years have been hard and after the death of my son I never thought I would have another baby in the house, let alone a daughter after 4 boys. We were thrilled. The funniest moment though, came when we were introducing our boys to their new sister. They had been anxiously awaiting her arrival for months and months. They told me pregnancy takes too long and I FIRMLY agree! As they came into my hospital room, the first thing they wanted to do was inspect their new sister from head to toe. When my youngest son came across her umbilical cord he paused. We’d talked about what an umbilical cord was and what it did but seeing it in person still intrigued him. Finally he looked up at us and asked, “So, when does her plug come out”. Coming from a family of gadget lovers, the entire room burst into laugher. To him, the umbilical cord was just where she had been plugged into me.

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2012 seems like a HUGE blur. I had my second baby in March… with my “older” one only being a year and a half at the time. I thought this year was going to be the demise of me (thankfully it wasn’t). Best parenting moment? I’d say there are a few that lump into the “being consistent and being firm” category. But, my BEST ‘moment’ was one that I honed over a few months, just before my #2 was born. I essentially tried to ‘brainwash’ my older child into being helpful with the soon-to-be baby… by using a doll for her to ‘practice’ her big sister skills on. Sound a little looney? It was… but yielded the best result ever: A happy toddler, who loves her little sister and actually helps me with day-to-day tasks (fetching diapers, burpcloths) etc. Proof here.

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I would have to say that my top parenting moment of 2012 would be taking our kids to New York City this summer.  Not that that is “parenting” but travel is an important part of our family life and it is important to us to show our kids the world so exposing them to many different people and places is always a special moment.  Travel is also filled with so many teaching moments so in a unique way it is parenting.  I have found that when traveling with my kids I become closer to them and have a very rich bonding experience.  I loved that we were able to show them New York City and help them experience the world.

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  1. It’s so fun looking back over the last year. Everyone had some great highlights! My kids are getting big so fast and I wish I could just hold onto some of these moments a bit longer.

  2. Catherine says:

    It’s hard to choose just one moment from a whole year. These are some great moments for sure.

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