masonjammiesPart of the fun of being a parent is getting to create your own family traditions to add to the ones you grew up having. When I was growing up the only Christmas Eve tradition we had was a family dinner and then going to bed – although not actually falling asleep until way later. I usually snuck out of my bed a few times to beg my parents to let me open one of my presents early. They were pretty adamant about making me wait until Christmas morning.

When I had kids of my own, I decided to start our own special Christmas Eve tradition. Since I moved across the country from my own parents, we do a dinner at my in-laws’ house. My Father-in-law always makes a turkey dinner, and all of the family in the area are there. All 12 of us. My husband’s grandmother brings a big tray of cookies and my kids get nice and sugared up before I let them each open their Christmas Eve present.

It’s been the same thing every single year since my oldest was born – pajamas. Yet they are still surprised every single time. I’m sure when they’re older they won’t be as happy about it, but while they’re still young and excitable I’m going to enjoy it. After they open their pajamas, of course they get to wear them and in the morning they’ll open their presents in them.

I’m not sure where I got the idea from. I probably read about it online or something. Regardless, I really enjoy picking out a special pair of pajamas for each one of their personalities. I don’t do matching pairs – that’s not really my style. The past couple of years it’s been superheroes or legos, or lego superheroes. While my youngest is still a baby I’m excited to pick out an extra corny set for him. I tried to find him a santa suit pajama outfit, but couldn’t find one. Fortunately there are plenty of other adorable options.

Do you have a Christmas Eve Tradition? Share it in the comments!

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  1. jillsimonian says:

    THIS. IS. FABULOUS. I LOVE the idea of Christmas Eve pjs!!!! You have seriously made me want to do an emergency trip to get 2 little pairs for my little girls right NOW. What an awesome tradition… and we were just going to do family dinner at Grandma’s and leave cookies out for Santa…

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