As we reflect on another Veterans’ Day and think about those who have served and are currently serving in the military, I would like mention a great organization which you may not know much about, but puts military families front and center.


The organization is Operation Shower®. Its mission is to provide joyful baby showers for military families to ease the stress of deployment. Operation Shower’s motto says it all, “Supporting our military families-one amazing Baby Shower at a time.”


Operation Shower began in March of 2007 when LeAnn Morrissey decided to give back to the military in a small way by asking family and friends to send a “shower in a box” to four military families. The responses both from her friends and from the moms were so overwhelming that she knew she was on to something special. In June 2007, she put on a unit-wide shower at Ft. Bragg, NC and Operation Shower has never looked back.


To date, Operation Shower has hosted showers for over 1,500 military families and has the support of many individual and corporate donors.


Go check them out Operation Shower and please give if you are able.

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