When you’re traveling with a baby, you get certain “looks” from people. Those looks mean things like:

“I hope that baby isn’t getting on my plane.”

“Oh crap, that baby is on my plane.”

“Why is she letting that baby sleep right now? She should wait until we get on the plane!”

“I hope I’m not seated next to the baby.”

“Oh no, I’m sitting next to a baby.”

Honestly, I don’t mind if people think those things. They can think all of the things they want to think. Until they start thinking them out loud. To my face.

traveling with a baby


When I walked on to the plane, I could see everyone’s faces as I walked by their empty seat. I finally got to my row, the very last row of the plane. There was a man sitting there, looking out the window. Sunglasses on. He looks over at me, wearing my baby in the baby carrier, bags in my hands.

“OH no, oh NO.”

I nervously smile and put my carry-on in the overhead compartment.

“I was sitting in 22E before.”


“Is this the first time flying?”

“Hers? Yes it is.”

“Well, let’s hope she’s a future pilot.”


“She’s actually a really great baby.”

“We’ll see what happens when the pressure changes.”


There were three other women around me who looked mortified on my behalf. I couldn’t believe that he had vocalized his thoughts so rudely. Luckily for me, he didn’t say much of anything the entire flight. And luckily for him, either did my daughter. In fact, she was great, even with the pressure change.

traveling with a baby

Hopefully the next mom he sits next to won’t get such a rude welcoming.

Have you ever flown with an infant?




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