The reality is that moms wear lots of hats. As a mom, you’re juggling the roles of children’s caretaker, housekeeper, errand-runner, full time chef, counselor, nurse, teacher and negotiator. All that is on top of any additional paying job/career you have, and maybe your role as a wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc. It’s A LOT! And, at times, it can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s okay to ask for help! I’ll even take it one step further and say you should ask for help! Moms asking for helpAs a work-at-home mom as a blogger and freelance writer with 3 young boys at home, I often hear phrases like, “I don’t know how you do it”…or “how do you do it all?” And, the answer I always give is that I don’t “do it all.” I can’t. I can’t be a good mom, and creative writer/blogger, and do all the shopping, and do all the cooking, and workout, and clean the house, and do all the wash…and well, you get the idea. Some days I get A LOT accomplished, and on those days, I feel like Super Woman. But, the reality is, I can’t do all of that and do it well.

The old line about “it takes a village”? It’s there for a reason. So, if you’re overwhelmed, ask for help. If you’re struggling, ask for help. If there is something on your to-do list that just never seems to get done, ask for help. For me, it’s cleaning the house. I HATE it. Who can relate? So, I finally let it go and asked for help. I put the call out to friends for a housekeeper. To my surprise, I discovered that WAY more people than I expected use a housekeeper. I hired someone a few days later ,and it was the best $100 I’ve ever spent!

If you’re not in the position to hire help, ask friends. Barter with people. Do a babysitting swap with friends. Or, do a meal swap. Some gals in my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group even did a little housecleaning exchange thing. Brilliant!

What’s one area you need help with?

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