When I was growing up, my favorite thing to do was re-arrange the room my older sister and I shared. There were numerous times she would come home from sleepovers to an entirely different bedroom lay out. Granted there was only so much I could do with our bunk beds, two dressers, two desks and shelves, but the joy of changing an environment and a small taste of a 5th grader’s attempt at feng shui, inspired my love for interior design. How could I forget the time she went away to basketball camp for a week, and I convinced my mother to let me paint our bedroom Ralph Lauren Bumble Bee Yellow. Needless to say, when she came home, there was a heated conversation.

As a young couple, my husband and I felt comfortable in our one-bedroom San Francisco apartment, but when we found out we were pregnant, we knew we had to move. My first thought was not about decorating our bedroom or living room; all I could think about was decorating our nursery. Even friends who know me well kept asking me about my nursery decorating plans.

So like any creative person on a mission, I scoured Pinterest to look for nursery inspiration.  I saw everything from extremely feminine, to monochromatic, to fantasy, to modern and loved them all! While there is no right or wrong way to decorate your nursery, the one thing I saw in common with all of these nurseries is that they were personalized, functional and comfortable.

Tips for Decorating your Perfect Nursery // blog.rightstart.com

Personalized: Anyone can order every single piece of furniture and accessories from a catalog for a beautiful room, but it’s more meaningful to have a unique room to welcome your special addition. We are having a girl but knew we didn’t want to go with pink or purple pastels. Instead, we went with red, grey, white and hearts- which were also our wedding colors. For guest books at our wedding, we had friends and family sign large framed heart posters. They became the inspiration for the room and hang above the crib. I love that our baby girl will be surrounded by the love we felt on our wedding day.

Tips for Decorating your Perfect Nursery // blog.rightstart.com

Functional: With all of the time put into designing the aesthetics of the room, it’s important to remember that the nursery has be functional for those night feedings, quick diaper changes, and post-bath snuggle sessions. In our small San Francisco apartment, our biggest concern was a lack of storage, so we have lot of spots under the changing table and crib to store extra diapers, sheets and blankets. Everything in the room is within arm’s reach, is accessible and will just make life easier when our baby girl makes her debut.

Tips for Decorating your Perfect Nursery // blog.rightstart.com

Comfortable: With most time those first week weeks spent in the bassinet in your bedroom, babies and mommies get used to feeling close and cozy. When the big transition to sleeping in the crib is made, you want to make sure that everything in the room is comfortable- from the sheets to the rug to the rocker. I wish you could feel how soft everything in our nursery is; sometimes, I just go in there and rub the blankets and think about wrapping our little girl up.

Tips for Decorating your Perfect Nursery // blog.rightstart.com

When decorating the nursery remember to have fun with it, but don’t stress yourself out about it. Ask family and friends to help and honestly, I don’t think you can get started on it too soon. That way you can relax those last couple of weeks and focus on self-care before the big delivery. One last lesson I recently learned and I have to share is to be realistic about how the nursery will look daily- it’s never going to be spotless! With shower gifts, daily packages and hand-me-downs, our nursery is overflowing, and I’m okay with it. Like me, give yourself a break from trying to keep it immaculate and just focus on the little baby who will be sleeping soundly (hopefully)!

Tips for Decorating your Perfect Nursery // blog.rightstart.com

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