As a first-time parent, getting ready for baby can be an absolutely overwhelming task! There are so many truly amazing products out there for babies. And, some pregnant moms feel so much pressure to have the “perfect”, adorable nursery (especially in the wake of Pinterest, right?!). But, let’s bring it down to the basics. When prepping for a new baby, what are the nursery basics that you really need? After doing this 3 times, this is my list of simple baby room must haves:

Nursery Basics

1. Crib. Baby needs somewhere to sleep. When baby is first newborn, there are many sleeping options. But, eventually, they outgrow just about everything but a crib. So, you’ll need a crib. Just like buying a bed, the cribs typically don’t come with mattresses. So, you’ll also need to get a crib mattress and crib sheets. I personally recommend having at least two crib sheets so if one gets messy you can put another one on while washing the first.

2. Changing Table/Dresser. I think it’s a must to have someplace to change the baby that also has storage handy. So, I definitely think some kind of changing table is a must! Depending on your closet space and room, you can do a dresser that you can change the baby on or a classic changing table. Either way, having a safe & comfy changing pad is something I like to have too.

3. Storage bins. Whether it be on shelves of the changing table, in the closet for clothes, or just to store some toys or blankets in the room, having a storage bin or two is really helpful in keeping things contained and organized!

4. Glider/Rocker. Oh how many hours I have spent rocking a baby over the span of 3 kids! Having some sort of rocking chair or glider in the nursery is an absolute must for me. Breast feeding, bottle feeding, middle of the night feedings, holding sick little ones, stories, lullabies– they all take place in the chair! And, if this is your first baby, I really recommend investing in the chair you really want. We didn’t do that with our first just because we didn’t think it was that big of a deal and I so regret it. Even though this third little guy is likely our last, I couldn’t take a sub-par, uncomfortable chair anymore. We finally got the style of chair I’d always wanted in the nursery and it’s made a HUGE difference!

5. Safe sleepers/Swaddle blanket. There’s a known link/risk of SIDS when putting loose blankets in baby’s crib. So, it’s imperative to have safe “blankets” on them in the form of a sleep sack or swaddle blanket. I’m a big believer in the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, especially for newborns!

6. Lamp/Night Light.  Given the middle of the night feedings and any other number of situations that might arise during the night, having some sort of softer light (whether in the form of a nursery lamp or nightlight) is a MUST in the nursery. You certainly don’t want to have to turn on bright lights in the middle of the night!

7. Wall Decor. Of course, this is not a “necessity” like the ones above. But, in a room where you will likely be spending a lot of time, I’m a big believer in having some sort of wall decor in the nursery. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. It doesn’t have to be all matchy or designer. It can be as simple as just some framed photos of your little one. But, I think it gives a really nice feel to the nursery when there is something cute and/or meaningful on the wall.

Of course, there are many additional fun nursery items out there. But, if you’ve got everything listed above, you should have at least a nice, functional space!

What are YOUR nursery must-haves?

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