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Throughout my pregnancy with my second son, everyone felt compelled to tell me how different every child was. “No two are alike,” I remember my grandma telling me. “Don’t think just because you already have one you won’t be in for some surprises with this little guy.” I had no idea how right they were. I think it’s another one of those parenting things that you just can’t explain, you have to experience it firsthand.

My first son slept…well…like a baby as soon as he came out. The second woke constantly from day one. The first was content to lay in his bassinet and stare up at the ceiling. This one wants to be in on the action, constantly craning his neck to see what he’s missing out on.

The first child was always soothed by gentle rocking, whereas now I spend my days singing a gentle hum to calm the baby’s crying. He hates the swing that was our savior the first time around, and wants nothing to do with those well-worn binkies. Even bottle choices are different now, with our baby turning his nose up at those favorite Playtex Drop-Ins. He requires a special-order bottle from Prince Lionheart, his way of garnering just a little more attention. Maybe it’s a second child thing.

We rely on an assortment of baby carriers now, keeping the little guy always involved and close at hand. Before, it was strollers and bouncers. This one’s attached and cuddly; the other was self-content and unconcerned.

The first came out looking exactly like his father: vibrant baby blues and thin, yellow strands on his head. The second has my murky eyes and thick, dark hair. They’re even shaped differently. Our gracefully long-limbed baby hardly looks related to his buff and burly, destined-to-play-football brother.

But in so many ways, they’re alike. They have the exact same laugh. That definitely runs in the family. And the same sweet demeanor.

And I love them exactly the same.

Are your children very different or more alike? Did similarities develop when they were old enough to mimic each other’s behavior?

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2 Responses to No two alike

  1. jillsimonian says:

    Same thing with my girls: the first one is Miss Independent and the second is Miss Hold-Me-At-All-Times-I-Need-To-Touch-You… even though she’s one and now walking, she wants to be HELD. Must be a second-child thing… they know we’re splitting our time between kids!!! 🙂

  2. So true! I couldn’t imagine how my second would be different but BOY is he! The first was the “I want all your attention” while my second boy is the content under the play gym kinda guy. I swear my second would prefer to fall asleep in the car seat or swing than to be rocked to sleep. I guess he’s just not a cuddler like his brother is. 😉

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