When my first-born was little I thought it unimportant to baby prof the house. We were not going to change our home into some bubble wrapped residence. I was going to teach her right and wrong. I was going to be with her and keep her safe. I was above all of those safety contraptions. I knew everything about parenting as every brand new parent does. I learned my lessons. Trust me I learned my lessons.

When Madeline learned to crawl she was instantly interested in every single light socket in the house. No plug was safe and as a result my baby wasn’t safe either. My husband and I promptly headed to the store for some outlet plugs.

When my sweet girl realized the outlets were no longer any fun because Mommy and Daddy had covered up the holes she set her sights on the cabinets. No cabinet in the house was left alone. All contents in every cabinet in the house was ripe for exploration. Suddenly all the dangerous things behind all the cabinet doors in my home were up for scrutiny from a curious baby. Obviously I went right out and purchased cabinet locks.

When Madeline moved on to the stairs we were at a cross roads. We did not go out and get baby gates for the top and bottom of our stairs. We did not even go out and get one gate for our stairs. We worked turned her away from the stairs. She shooed her away. We worked with her and practiced climbing up and down with her. She did great. We celebrated our victory. Then she started walking. So we worked with her and watched her and everything went well until one day it didn’t. I watched as little Madeline toddled around with her walking toy in our loft. Her one wrong turn happened in a split second and I didn’t have time to get to her and she was tumbling down the stairs with her walking toy. Seeing your baby fall down the stairs feels terrible. Even after you know they are completely fine – no bumps bruises or broken bones –  you still can’t shake that sight from your mind.

So I’ve learned my lesson, unfortunately the hard way. We’ll be purchasing gates for our stairs when my three-month-old makes the transition from a stationary baby to a mover and a shaker.
What child safety lesson have you learned the hard way?  

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  1. How scary! I feel your pain. It feels horrible to see your child hurt themselves even when you know they are fine. Little Man fell face first into an end table I had refused to put padding on (cause I thought it was ugly). He ended up throwing up and we had to take him to the ER where they insisted on an MRI. Let me tell you trying to get a hungry, exhausted 11 month old to hold still for a scan was HORRIBLE! Praise the Lord everything was fine but man that was something I wasn’t willing to repeat.

  2. […] about baby proofing, most of us probably think of the more obvious things like pool fences, gates for the stairs, electrical outlet covers, or cabinet locks. There are so many products out there and so many […]

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