New Years Eve Childcare Options

New Year’s Eve changes a bit once you have kids. Late night babysitters are hard to come by and can be expensive. We’ve discovered some creative New Years Eve childcare options over the years for enjoying New Year’s Eve with kids in the mix.

Host New Year’s Eve at Home

When it comes to New Year’s Eve childcare options, this is my favorite. Since my oldest son was born we’ve made it a habit most years to host family and friends at our home so we can put the kids to bed upstairs.

Have a Sleepover at Grandma’s House

We used to live in an area where we had family members who would offer to babysit. This saved us a lot of money and meant our kids were with someone we trusted. But getting in late was always hard on my kids. If they fell asleep it meant hauling them out to the car and getting them home and just keeping your fingers crossed they stayed asleep (because we all know they won’t go back to sleep easily after that). Solve that problem by making it a sleepover.

Have an Overnight Babysitter

I don’t know about you but I always stress about getting back too late and irritating my babysitter. You can take that out of the equation by hiring a babysitter for the night. I babysat overnight for several family friends when I was young and I always loved it. They paid me a flat fee and I just planned on being there until the next morning. This option means you can come home whenever you like and it’s stress-free.

Share a Babysitter with Friends

Since the kids are going to be asleep most of the time you are gone, why not share a sitter with a friend? Take all the kids to one house and get them to sleep before you go. An older sitter can handle anything that comes up while you are gone and she won’t be overwhelmed by the number of kids in the home in the event of an emergency.

Rotate Holidays

We don’t go out every New Year’s Eve. If you have good friends who don’t mind trading off, try rotating holidays. You can take their kids this year and they can take yours next year. That way, you both get to enjoy the night guilt-free.

What do you do on New Year’s Eve? Who takes care of your kids?


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