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We are all grateful for all the “bundle of joys” who were brought into our lives, no matter the manner. Some of us have no issues with fertility, others need medical help, and others find it impossible to have children. This Thanksgiving, one of our newest Right Start Moms “Melissa” is grateful to a family which gave her and her husband a little girl in August.

Melissa will be posting on the Right Start Blog starting this week about her journey into motherhood with a spin from an adoptive mom’s perspective.  Melissa and her husband Robert live in Indiana, where she works in clinical research specializing in spinal care and her husband is a full-time ballroom dance instructor.

Please help me welcome Melissa as our new Right Start Mom.

Here are things to never say to an adoptive parent — Melissa gave me a few of these, and my good friends who are going through the process gave me some as well:

“Who are her ‘real’ parents?”

“How could her ‘real’ mother give away such an adorable baby?”

“Do you know anything about her background?”

“What is she?”  – When ethnicity is different from the adoptive parents

“What will you do if she searches for her ‘real’ mother?”

“It’s just like having one of your own, isn’t it?”

“Why was she given up for adoption?”

“How much did you pay for your baby?”

“Now that you’ve adopted, you’ll probably get pregnant, don’t you think?”


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  1. Catherine says:

    Welcome to the group, Melissa!

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