I am very excited to introduce the Dex DayDreamer to new moms.


This is the perfect solution for when your baby is awake or at nap time. It is a great place to put your baby while you are getting ready, exercising, doing laundry or eating; it takes care of the dilemma many moms face while trying to get things accomplished.

The DayDreamer features an optimal 28 degree incline, which enables your baby to look around. In addition, it is safe: it has been designed with high side walls to help prevent your baby from rolling or falling out, a stable base, a secure safety harness and is fully compliant with CPCS standard. Please note that even though the DayDreamer has all of these terrific safety features, it should only be used on the floor.

The cover can be unzipped and removed easily to put in the washing machine to clean it, which is an important feature to have. Another great aspect is that the DayDreamer is lightweight (only 6.5 lbs!) and easy to move around your house or take with you.



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