One of the most important Mom decisions you’ll have to make is choosing a diaper bag.  Okay, it might not be as important as buying a car seat or stroller but it’s a decision you should not take lightly.  Your diaper bag will be your new best friend, it will go everywhere you go, so you better love it.  A lot of diaper bags are easy to spot from a mile away, but not the collection of Nest Diaper Bags.  These diaper bags are so stylish and chic no one would have any idea there were bottles, stinky diapers and wipes lurking inside of them.

Clockwise from top left

Nest Grommet Diaper Bag $324.00,  Nest Elliott Diaper Bag $340.00,  Nest Canvas Diaper Bag $220.00
Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag $150.00,  Nest Collins Diaper Bag $340.00,  Nest Dexter Diaper Bag $150.00

All Nest Diaper Bags come with their gorgeous signature lining, plenty of pockets and compartments and a removable changing pad. Some of the bags feature a zip out lining to be removed when you no longer need it as a baby bag and many of the bags come with a extra bottom zippered storage compartment.

What do you look for in a Diaper Bag? 

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