Some women are extremely lucky and are not prone to morning sickness during pregnancy. For the rest of us who aren’t so lucky, those first few months – and sometimes longer – make for quite the struggle. If you jave a job to get to, or kids that need to be at school early, morning sickness can make the simplest task difficult. You may even suffer from all-day sickness, which makes it hard to care for the rest of your family – or even get out of bed! Luckily, there are quite a few natural ways to help you out.

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Peppermint is said to help settle the stomach. Drinking peppermint tea after waking up can really help curb the morning sickness feeling. Throughout the day I like putting mint leaves in my water, or sucking on peppermint altoids. If you’re especially sensitive to smells, a little peppermint oil under the nose can help block those out.

Ginger is another food item that is really good for upset stomachs. Some people swear by ginger tea, flat ginger ale, or candied ginger. I like adding some fresh ginger into a juice or smoothie to help with nausea.

Coconut water may not sound like something appetizing, but it worked wonders for me. With really bad morning sickness you might find yourself getting very dehydrated. Unfortunately dehydration only makes for more nausea and a harder time keeping food down, so it’s important to keep as hydrated as possible. The natural electrolytes in coconut water help you rehydrate quickly, and the mild flavor is easy to palate.

Keep some crackers or dry cereal by your bed to eat before you even get up. Having a little food in your stomach before you stand up can settle your stomach before it even starts.

Beaked Hazelwood necklaces are a popular choice for moms who suffer from chronic nausea during pregnancy. The wood is said to reduce excess acidity in the body, so it helps with morning sickness and heartburn during the entire pregnancy.

Lemon is also a great help. Whether you drink a little lemon juice by itself, add lemon to your water, make some lemonade, or even just sniff at a lemon slice, it helps jumpstart your body for digestion which reduces your chances for throwing up. Some women even keep lemon candies in their purse for quick relief.

Snacking throughout the day can also help keep nausea at bay. When you get too hungry, it can cause you to feel really sick. Having some fruit, a piece of string cheese or a handful of almonds can help with that.

There are many different things to help with the difficulty that morning sickness brings us. Unfortunately different things work for different people, so there is a bit of trial and error. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, hopefully you are able to find something that works well for you so that you can really enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Do you have a home remedy for morning sickness that worked for you?

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